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Free shipping and Deluxe Sample at $50. Complimentary Mini Expert Mascara at $75. Click for details

The Contour Brush


The Contour Brush



Product Details

A multi-task brush used to highlight and contour. Use the tapered top to shade, add drama, emphasize facial features or blend makeup on decollete and neck. Fine goat bristles gently glide over skin for a smooth application. Ideal for use with powder highlighters and shading products.

How to use

Use for highlighting the brow bone, center of the eyelid, center of the forehead, bridge of the nose, cheekbone plane, under the eye, around the corners of the mouth, center of the chin under the lip, collar bone, and inside curve of the breast.

Use for shading the hollows of the cheek, under the chin and down the neck, sides and under the tip of the nose, the crease of the eye, the temples, the center of your cleavage, and the hollows above and below the collarbone around the hairline.

pro tips

1. Use this brush to easily apply cream blush to the apple of the cheeks.

2. Use to apply contour powder to hollow of the cheeks.

3. Use as an over all blending brush for eyeshadow, making all shadows blend seamlessly after applied.


1. Use The Contour Brush with The Sculpting Contour Powder.

2. Use The Contour Brush with The Celestial Highlighting Powder. 

3. Use The Contour Brush with The Making Faces Beauty Book.

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